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Give us a Chai Five

The Chai Five Club is a group of alumni, parents, friends and partners dedicated to help guarantee that we meet our financial needs through securing a consistent foundation of monthly financial support. We hope we can count on you just as the students and community count on us. It is thanks to those who selflessly give of themselves to support Jewish life at Oberlin College that we continue as the heart of Jewish life on campus and achieve our goals.

By becoming our partner through the Chai Five Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s in this special club, will allow us to continue serving the students and community’s needs.

Please join the Chai Five Club today, with a monthly contribution. Eighteen is the numeric value (gematria) of the word CHAI, meaning life in Hebrew and five times eighteen equals NINETY. At any time you wish, you can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge.

This program is secure and convenient and it will provide the financial assurance to continue our vital work and is a great opportunity to give Tzedakah-Charity and support Jewish life and learning at Oberlin College.