We are an Eternal People....Because We Believe

To blog, or not to blog....that is the question of our generation.  In fact I have resisted creating my own blog for a long while now, although I have been an avid blog reader for years.  When I have the opportunity to speak with people the same theme keeps popping up.  How do we view the world:  Do we see the positive, or the opposite, do we see the blessings, or the curses in front of us, do we see Godliness or evil in our daily lives?  

Well, the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of the chasidic movement) teaches us that we should find lessons in Godliness, and serving God in everything we see and hear.  

So I ask you are you wearing your "God Glasses"

My goal is to post pictures and short video clips with a powerful message and a few short sentences about it.  Everynow and then I may post a musing or something inspirational to me as well.

If you watch these two minutes and 20 seconds, you will never view humanity the same again.  If you have never heard of Mike Tress, he single handedly ensured a Jewish existence in America for thousands and thousands of European Jews.  One of the most special neshamas (souls) to ever be put into this world.

(Ani Mamin translates as I believe, as found in Maimonides 13 Priciples of Faith, and has become a infamous composition)  



Posted on June 13, 2012 .