Lasting Impressions of Love & Inspiration


Love is a funny little thing...There are many types of love, but no matter what the variety it makes an indelible mark on the soul.  Today makes the 4th anniversary of my fathers passing.  As the years move on, and I've had a some time to reflect on losing my father, he at the young age of 52 and me 25, many things have become clear.  

1)  The memories I have of my father from when I was a little child are so precious and subconsciously shape how I parent my children.
2)  Casual conversations and brief interactions, with my father have proven to contain gems of wisdom oh how to be a good person, a loving husband, and son, a friend,and a teacher.
3)  Just because we cant see or feel someone physically, their legacy lives on with those who remember them.
4)  If we create deep and meaningful connections and relationships, they last forever, even after one has left this physical world.
5)  If I want to hug my father, I still can, not with my body, but with my soul. 


The mere fact that my wife and I have the privilege of serving the Jewish community of Oberlin is by the life lessons and the inspiration of my father.  The very last conversation we ever had, the afternoon prior to his passing, was him encouraging me to go to rabbinical school and upon completion of rabbinical studies, open a Chabad House on a college campus.  Every morning when I wake up and start my day my thoughts always turn to my father and I hope through our work at Oberlin we make him proud.  I feel for every student who walks into the Chabad House, or attends an event or program, or is helped by Chabad able to reap the benefits of Dad's inspiration and life lessons.


Me, Dad, and Devorah at a family simcha

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Posted on August 3, 2012 .