What is True Beauty?

Guided by the Rebbe's vision, they are taught to use their talents for holiness, to bring insight and beauty to the world. An example of this is a film by Chavie Resnick.

Chavie's words are so eloquent, it really conveys the message of what our purpose in this world is...Make it BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thinking about it a little more, yesterday was MLK day, isn't his entire message about creating perfect harmony....Yesterday also marked the day the Lubavitcher Rebbe took the mantle of leadership of Chabad Chassidus.  In his first Chasidic discourse the main theme throughout was "Creating Heaven on Earth" which means adding beauty and harmony and holiness into every thought, word, or action we do.

What do you think is beautiful? (Leave answer in comments)


Rabbi Shlomo

Posted on January 22, 2013 .