My parents 35th wedding anniversary.

My Parents Wedding Day 1978

My Parents Wedding Day 1978

A Little History:  Several years ago in August, my father tragically passed away.  Fast forward to February, which is my parents anniversary and my mother was dreading the date.  I think if she could have went from February 4th to February 6th she would have been the happiest person in the world.  

That February 5th my wife and I sent an email to all the friends of my parents and asked the to perform an act of goodness and kindness, to do a mitzvah, in honor of my parents special day.  We asked for them all to email their their mitzvah pledge, then we sent them all to my mother.

In my Mom's words, "This went from a day I was dreading to a day I'm so happy it happened".  

So Where do you come in?  Well, we feel that all of you in one way or another are part of our family.  Though we live a distance from our family, my mother feels that by our involvement at Oberlin her family has grown.  Wether we have know you for years, or we are bound by your involvement at Oberlin College, you are part of the family!!!  

And we ask you to help make my parents anniversary a special one.  Please fill out this little form below with an act of goodness and kindness you would like to add into the world on this special day.  

Mitzvahs can be anything from reaching out and doing something for another, deepening your relationship with the Devine, or making a donation to your favorite organization (and many more, of course).

All mitzvah pledges will be delivered in a special presentation to my Mother.

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Posted on February 5, 2013 .