Moses' Facebook Video

As I watched this little Facebook video it reminded me of a rabbi who I know who told a story of a time when he was sitting in an airport and a man approached him and started chatting him up.

The man, a evangelical christian,  began telling the white bearded co-conversationalist about how the bible has effected his life and how connected to God he feels.  After about 20 minutes of rambling he looks at the good rabbi and apologizes for being rude and talking so much, and asks him what is his relationship with the bible.

The rabbi pauses, my relationship?

      Well, have you ever heard of Aaron, Moses brother, the first Kohen, priest?  I also am a kohen, so Aaron is like my great grandfather, Moses is my uncle.  Thats my relationship!  I am not just reading a fine piece of literature with a nice message, I am looking at my family album.

 When we look at the Torah we see our grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, and yes even the ones who embarrass us a little bit.

Facebook as silly as it may seem, can sometime remind us very serious life lessons.



Posted on February 10, 2014 .