Inspired by Yom Kippur

This week was chock full of Rosh Hashanah, and it was absolutely inspiring. I was thrilled that on Monday we had our first ever minyan for Rosh Hashanah morning, and a beautiful service on Tuesday as well. I was also inspired by how many people were so eager to hear the shofar being blown both days of the holiday.

I've been listening to Oberlin alumni, Malachi Kanfer's rendition of Kol Nidrie to get ready for Yom Kippur which starts on Tuesday night. It's pretty darn soul stirring, and I love listening to this every year to get the Yom Kippur energy flowing. Listen here

Yom Kippur 2019 copy.jpg

I've been watching a recording from a slichos service in Manhattan in bits and pieces all week too, with the famous Jewish singer Yehuda Green. It's long, so I've been watching in bits and pieces. What inspires me about it is the absolute joy in the prayer. I feel like we often think of prayer as a drag and forget it is supposed to be ecstasy. Watch it here

It's been a busy week, so I'm gonna keep it short. I'm looking forward to spending timein prayer, contemplation , and meditation with you on Yom Kippur, so the last thing that would really inspire me is if you would RSVP (especially for Break-fast) so we know how much bagels, lox, and other goodies to get before the holiday) RSVP here

Good Shabbos,


p.s. mark your calander for Sunday Oct 14th at 7:30pm for sushi in the sukkah at Chabad

Posted on October 4, 2019 .