Weekend inspiration 6/28

A video that shows what true joy looks like
This little clip of an awesome kids choir from America's Got Talent. They are having so much fun, and the raw happiness at the end is worth the 5 minute clip

The book I am currently reading
Second Mountain by someone named David Brooks. I found this book in an actual book store (gasp!). When I walk into a book store I feel like it is a religious experience of it's own. I walk around and look at books until one seems to call me over. This one called me, but I kept walking away from it, but after an hour of wandering around the Barnes and Noble, I knew that was my book. And is has not disappointed. He's a "recovering conservative" with a new look on living a purposeful life. Check it out. I was hooked before I finished the introduction.
Filling my ears with this podcast
A New Conversation is a podcast started by my friend Peretz and his wife Chanie, they are the Chabad family at Brandies. Last year they starting rethinking their Chabad House and the role they have on campus. So far they have posted 12 episodes, you can pick which one is gonna be your first, so far they all been good and they are short, usually less than 15 minute.

Have a great Shabbos,

Posted on July 1, 2019 .