Inspired and Reflecting

Wow, this week has flown by! Devorah and I are wrapping up our second week teaching at the Jewish Summer Fellowship, and it has been fantastic. We are teaching women between the ages of 19-30 who are exploring their Jewish identities in new ways. We have served as scholars in residence where we are teaching classes and fielding questions throughout the day. It has been intense, and a whole lot of fun too. So in between preparing classes, teaching, and fielding a ton of questions I've been reflecting back on the past year a bit and also filling my mind with new things.

I've been listening to some past episodes of my "Soul Searchers" podcast. Particularly the episode with Rami Teeter OC '20 where we get into a some pretty thoughtful conversations about how he was raised, and if G-d was a topic of conversation in his home, or schooling. This episode went on a bit longer than all of my others and it was worth every second.

What I'm Watching

Last summer I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a Fellow in a very special community. It is called the ROI Fellows. As a closing ceremony we took part in a really unique experience with an organization called Kooloolam. It is a group singing activity. Wherever I rewatch this video I get a little emotional. The experience of us all taking a song and learning it about 45 minutes and then singing our hearts out brought about this amazing feeling of unity that is quite difficult to articulate. I low key (well not so low key) want to bring this group to Oberlin and get us all together and just SING!!

A story that I read

Psychologist Barry Schwartz and political scientist Kenneth Sharpe in their book Practical Wisdom tell a story about a hospital janitor named Luke. In the hospital where Luke worked, there was a young man who'd gotten into a fight and was now in a coma, and he wasn't coming out. Every day his father sat by his side in silent vigil, and had done so for six months. One day, Luke cam in and cleaned the young man's room. His father wasn't there; he was out getting a smoke. Later that day, Luke ran into the father in the hallway. The father snapped at Luke and accused him of not cleaning his son's room. Luke could have snapped back "I did clean your son's room" but he responded by cleaning the room again, so the father could see him cleaning the room. What do you think you would respond?

One other important thing

Chabad at Oberlin, along with some other campuses is doing a summer fundraiser. We are hosting a raffle, where you can win $10,000 and some other great prizes. Tickets for the raffle are $36. Over $30 from each ticket goes directly to supporting the work Chabad is doing at Oberlin, like shabbos dinners, holiday programming, and all kinds of great classes, etc. So please think about grabbing a ticket (or a few). And if you win the $10,000 its a double win because you got $10k and you are helping to support the great Jewish community at Oberlin. Feel free to tell your friends and family about the raffle too!!! Last day to buy tickets is July 21st.

Good Shabbos,


Posted on July 11, 2019 .