Inspired by Newness

Well summer is coming to an end, the first years have arrived here in Oberlin and the slow trickle of upperclassmen has begun. Honestly, it is pretty refreshing seeing these new students coming into Oberlin, ready to drink in all the experiences that await them for the next for years. I also enjoy listening to the returning students talking about all the things they love about Oberlin, and kinda falling in love with it all over again. I also went late last week to the county fair with my kids, and watching them try the games and rides for the first time was so beautiful. Just seeing joy on their faces is pretty contagious. So where ever you may be, try to seek out a little new joy, you might be surprised the effect it will have on you.

This week I revisited one of the strangest and best documentaries I've watched. There was (maybe still is) a festival called "The Rainbow Gathering". Some Hasidic Jews come to the Gathering and set up a kosher camp amidst the hippiest of hippy gatherings. I love this doc because it highlights the beauty of human connection and spiritual growth through learning with people who on the surface seem radically different.

I also read a great little article that was written by a colleague of mine and was published in the student newspaper at WashU in St. Louis. Chana Novack writes advice to College students that attend WashU in an article entitled: Don't Take Advantage of Everything College Has to Offer. I think she hits on a really important point. Even if you aren't a 1st year in college think about what focusing on creating deep and meaningful experiences and relationships would add into our lives, rather than just trying to do it all. Kinda like the old adage "Jack of all trades, expert in none".

A few weeks ago I tried a new app for when I go to sleep. I only tried it once, thought it was cool, but didn't do anything with it. But this week I decided instead of listening to a podcast, lecture, or story, I was going to use this app called Smiling Mind when I was going to bed. When I use it I fall asleep pretty quickly (within 10 minutes) and though I'm finding myself sleeping for a shorter time period, I'm waking up more refreshed and wasting less time in my morning routine. I don't know if it will work for you, but let me know.

keep me posted on the great things you are reading, listening to, apps you are using, and things you are learning.

Have a great Shabbos

Rabbi Shlomo

ps. If you are in Oberlin Friday night come and join us at 7:30 for Shabbos dinner and on Monday there is a welcome back BBQ at Chabad 6-8pm and if you want to see a preview of what we have going on this semester click here. Including a beginers Hebrew Exco with Devorah, Yiddish Exco with me, Supper Club, and more.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .