Inspired by Vison

This week was one focused on reflection and planning, which means a lot of goal setting and refining my vision for my life and for our wonderful little Chabad House. Also I'm still in Brooklyn which has afforded me the ability to meet up with some really great Obies from the 70's all the way to current students. It has been amazing, and they have also inspired me with some great content and fodder for my mind.

I'm watching a short documentary Jacob Baron OC17 shared with me. He made just before he graduated called Protest: Oberlin Across The Years. I have always been curious about the history of being a revolutionary, and the culture that surrounds it. This film didn't disappoint in giving a glimpse into Oberlin's long and fascinating history.

I just ordered a new calendar, because believe it or not the new academic year is about to begin which also means that Rosh Hashanah is getting close. This calendar is unique in the sense that the artwork is gorgeous, and the calendar itself is a circle. It symbolizes the cycle of the year and of self. They made a little youtube vid explaining it too.

I'm reading two interesting articles, one by Brian Blum OC83 about cultural Judaism and how tradition and culture intertwine (and dont'). I found it to be a fascinating glimpse into the psyche of a large swath the Jewish community. Read it here. The other article is about a middle school graduation and what the focus of the speeches were about. It helped me think about what is important to me, and where I want to put my focus for the future.

I always love hearing what you are learning, reading, watching, and listening please keep sending me what has you inspired.

Good Shabbos,

Also listen to this weeks Chabadcast with Oberlin Alumni Mark Finkle. Mark graduated in 1976 is one of my mentors and helps guide me when I feel a bit lost. He has been on quite the spiritual journey, learned a ton, and in his retirement he chose to teach others! In the podcast Mark talks about meeting his wife at Oberlin, going from a history major into the business world, and working as a Jewish person in places like Afghanistan and the United Arab Emerites, and he drops a ton more knowledge too. Listen, you won't regret it.
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Posted on August 9, 2019 .