Inspired by Dancing

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a wedding in New York of a good friend. I first met him when he came to Oberlin a few years ago to help us out with Purim (if you remember Purim in Hogwarts, he was here then). At the wedding as we were twirling, and dancing, and singing along with the music twice I paused and was taken by beautiful sights.

The first was the elderly white bearded head of the yeshiva jumping and dancing with his students in pure joy and celebration of his student's special celebration. The fact that he is a distinguished man, and not a young guy didn't deter him for one moment and just like everyone else he was jumping and being jostled by the circle of dancing. The other time I stopped to take in the dancing it the moment when the bride and groom were hoisted atop some tables and danced their hearts out. I've attached a picture of the bride and groom on dancing on tables.

In the same vein as dancing I watched a mini documentary (about 5 minutes long) of a rabbi who is also a professional dancer, and he speaks of his relationship with G-d and his body, and his community. Watch the story of the dancing rabbi, Chanya Shwartz.

There is a podcast I listen to each week, about Jewish law in contemporary society. This past week the host of the program hosted several guests to talk about some pretty amazing stories from Jewish communities from around the globe, like Siberia, Istanbul, and Uganda. The show focuses on some pretty amazing differences in world view from Chabad and other Orthodox Jewish communities, and it made me awfully proud to be a part of Chabad and it's special work. Also I'll be honest, this podcast is intended for a specific crowd, so I hope you will appreciate it. Sometimes they slip into Yiddish or Hebrew, but I think you can grasp it. Listen to the Podcast here, also skip to minute 24, thats where he gets to the topic at hand.

I read a fascinating article about bespoke tailoring and the inner soul of the suit and the tailor who makes some of the finest suits in the USA. Check out this GQ article.

Have a great Shabbos,


p.s. I had a very special guest on my ChabadCast this week. After a few years I was finally able to get Devorah to be my very special guest. I'd love for you to listen to are chat we had a lot of fun doing it. Listen here.

Also this Shabbos we are celebrating Izzy's 1st birthday we would be honored if you are in Oberlin to join us for Shabbos and celebrate.

Posted on September 13, 2019 .