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I have never used this platform before to ask anything of you and I'm reluctant to do so because this is where I like to share with you what has inspired me this week, but if you will allow me to ask two things of you before I share my inspirations of the week.


1) If you are going to be here in Oberlin for Rosh Hashana please come and celebrate the holidays with us. We have uplifting services (and if you would like to do a reading please message me) delicious meals, shofar blowing, and great vibes to start the new year. And here is what I ask, if you think you will be joining us please RSVP ASAP. When we know who is joining us it gives us an opportunity to make sure we have enough food and space for everyone and to be able to accommodate everyone's needs. Attached is all of the info for the holiday.

2) Chabad at Oberlin functions 100% from the kindness of donations from parents, alumni, and friends. We have been challenged to raise $36,000 in 36 hours (basically from Wednesday night until Shabbos starts) This $36,000 covers the expenses of all of the high holidays, shabbos dinners, and all the other great stuff that Chabad hosts for the beginning part of the school year. So if you can pass along this link to your parents, grandparents, or if you yourself would like to contribute to sustaining this amazing community we would be most grateful. Just hop over to

Ok now on to the inspiration…..I've been getting ready for Rosh Hashanah (it's in just over a week!!!) So I've been gearing up with a ton of stories to make the days more meaningful and relatable. It's been a combination of old hasidic tales, modern parables, the Torah readings, etcetera and I'm looking forward to sharing some of them over the holiday with you. (pssst, you can see what Chabad has going on for Rosh Hashnah and RSVP here)
I just started reading an amazing book that was authored by Tzvi Kilov, called Not A Jungle. Tzvi actually visited Oberlin twice a number of years ago and this book does not disappoint. He has a website with the same name where he writes all kinds of musings fusing his love of writing with video games, fantasy, and rich Chasidic philosophy and now he complied those essays into his first book.
An Instagram that I'm following is Soul Snapshots. Every day they post a short video or two of regular folks sharing a little inspirational thought. Sometimes they sing a song, tell a story, a teaching, or a meditation. Most of the time I find the messages super helpful and a little ray of light in my day. If you are already on insta, follow me too for some great pics of jewish stuff in Oberlin, Chabad events, and some great pics of my kids.
A Quote I've been thinking a lot about this week: It is more important to be needed than needy -Manis FriedmanThis quote reminds me that G-d put me on this earth because the Divine needs me to fulfil some cosmic vision and I need to figure out what that is and accomplish it, rather that just think what do I need? How do I feel happy? I venture, as I find they why I'm needed, the happiness and fulfilment come with it.
I listen to a ton of Podcasts, some are better than others, I heard a new podcast from the Accidental Talmudist where he talks with actor Stephen Tobolowsky (he is in like everything, you may not know the name but you will recognize his face and voice). The conversation is real and raw, it's a bit long so I didn't listen in one sitting, but I couldn't wait to get back to it. Sal, aka, the Accidental Talmudist has 3 episodes out so far and they are all winners!
Have a great Shabbos,Shlomop.s. did you listen to the podcast where Devorah and I shmooze about our moving to Oberlin, the development of Chabad House, Devorah's international upbringing and moving to America, and much more. Listen here

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Posted on September 19, 2019 .