Inspired by People

This week was such a pleasure to have al the Obies back in town; getting to meet so many new and great first years and welcome back all of the returning students was so fulfilling. As the energy in Oberlin picks up I can feel my personal energy revving up too and that is a great feeling. I've loved hearing about all the great thing folks were up to over the summer whether it was traveling, working or reading.

A documentary that I've been watching is called Unorthodox by Anna Wexler. She documents her personal journey as well as the journey of several others with their dissatisfaction with their Jewish upbringing and how they come in (and out) of the Jewish community. I found the doc a phenomenal glimpse into the mind of an average teenager in America and how they relate to religion.

An article I read that was a curious glimpse into the mixing of the Jewish world and making a living. Who knew clicking on an Amazon link could take you deep into the warehouses of Chasidic Brooklyn and provide a secure financial living for so many families.

A podcast that I listened to that really made me think was from Neil Lazarus called Should Jews be Democrats or Republicans. He analyzes the absurd comment from Trump a few weeks ago about the disloyalty of American Jews who vote democrat. His take on the issues with such a statement and how Israelis relate (or don't) to American politics was quite thought provoking. I don't often write about politics but his observations some of which I agree some of which I don't are very insightful. In general I have found Neil to be very thoughtful and smart on a variety of topics.

Good Shabbos,


p.s. I'd love to hear about what inspires you and what you are learning, so send me a message or stop me in slow train to tell me

p.p.s. I have attached an image for all the great things happening at Chabad next week so you can see whats going on.

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Posted on September 6, 2019 .