Dear Friends, 

    This past year proved to be filled with many success and happy times and also some difficulties for the Jewish community at Oberlin.  Due to some of the unfortunate events and anti-Semitic tone taken by some members of the faculty a number of Oberlin's donor base has chosen to divest from Oberlin College and its supporting agencies.  It is with that information that I turn to you and implore you to INVEST in Jewish life at Oberlin College.  

Chabad at Oberlin is deeply committed to creating an environment where students, regardless of background, affiliation, or personal beliefs should feel welcome and comfortable to investigate their Jewish identities and relationships.

With an annual budget just over $250,000, I ask you to think about the values and environment that Chabad Student Group provides at Oberlin College and take a moment to INVEST in keeping the organization strong and begin the 2016-17 school year in full force.  There are plans for a week long Jewish Culture Festival, new classes, holiday celebrations, and an expanded Jewish Art's Collective. 

I also recognize we are asking for more support than we have in the past, but between the steady growth of the Chabad Student Group and the increased need for a larger Jewish presence on campus we need your investment to build a strong and healthy Jewish community and Jewish future and Oberlin College.  

So please INVEST NOW, at whatever level you can. 

Blessings for a wonderful year,

Rabbi Shlomo