Chabad at Oberlin helps Jewish prisoners cope with the fears and anxieties prior to going to jail and the obstacles and hurdles while in prison. Prison can be a terrible experience. Being Jewish and in prison can be even harder.

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We do not judge. As followers of the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, namely to love each and every Jew, we help all Jewish men and women prisoners, in federal, state, city, county and immigration facilities. Your religious background does not matter to us. Our only interest is in providing support to you, our fellow Jew, and to your family in what may possibly be the hardest thing you have to go through.

If you know a Jew in an Ohio; or if you are Jewish and about to enter the prison system; or if you are a family member of a Jew about to surrender, or you are already in prison, please contact us.

Each week Rabbi Shlomo goes to several institutions in Lorain County to share, study, and council with a number of inmates.  On Jewish holidays and other auspicious times, students have joined in celebrations at the institutions.  

In this country, there are laws protecting everyone's religious and civil rights. Going to prison does not mean that you have lost your religious or civil rights. The prison system can appear to be complex for anyone in prison. We try simplify things for the Jewish prisoner and their families.  While we offer no legal services, we can help in all other aspects. 

There is no cost for our providing help, although donations are always welcome.