Rosh Hashanah Schedule

Wednesday, Sept. 24th @ 7:30pm- Family Style Brisket Dinner- Usher in the new year in delicious fashion.  Join fellow Obies for one of the best meals in Oberlin.  (at Chabad House)

Thursday, Sept. 25th @ 11am- ROSH ON THE ROOFHas Rosh Hashanah been years of meaningless services? Spoken in languages you don't really understand? Not to mention HOURS of the Rabbi's sermon….
Join Chabad this year for an enlightening Rosh Hashanah experience, featuring a guided mediation focusing on the essence and depth of the holiday.
Not to mention an incredibly meaningful SHOFAR BLOWING!( on the roof of the Kohl Jazz Building)  

Lunch @ NOON in Skybar

Thursday, Sept. 25th @ 8pm- Family Style Holiday Feast at Chabad House

Friday Sept. 26th @ 11 am - ROSH ON THE ROOF PART II

Lunch @ NOON in Skybar















Family Style Shabbos Dinner @ 7:30pmDid you know you have family here in Oberlin? Whether just for some yummy matzo ball soup, or for a heart to heart conversation.....Come join the family this Shabbos! 

Our dinners are candle lit and always begin with a cup of wine.

Dinner begins at 7:30pm
Come and go as you please - bring some friends

@ Chabad House