Do you take your mental health seriously?  Do you sometimes feel lonely while at Oberlin? Chabad is launching our newest initiative to make sure that you have a built in support network while you are here at school.  We are carefully crafting a program based on the a famous teaching from Jewish thought:  "Make for yourself a mentor, acquire for yourself a friend and judge every person as meritorious."   - Pirkei Avos 1:6 

        Safety Net will include

  • The crafting of an intentional community where trust and social relationships can flourish and where topics like stress, anxiety, romantic relationships, family challenges, depression, social issues etc. can be discussed in an open and productive setting.

  • A monthly gathering where you and your cohort will meet, socialize, work together on community building, deepening your relationships with one another, and a guided discussion facilitated by Devorah or Shlomo.

  • A monthly one-on-one personalized session with Devorah or Shlomo to share your thoughts, debrief from stress, get some counsel, or chat about whatever is on your mind.

  • Access to expanded mentorship and ongoing counseling care