The Preparation Melody (Nigun Rostov)

Performed by Shoshana Michel

Nigun sung by Lubavitcher chasidim on the occasion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe accepting the mantle of leadership in 1951.  (note:  the first 1:25 is the melody then the Rebbe delivering his first Discourse as Rebbe)

This is one of the more serious of the Chabad melodies, characterized by its deep feeling and soul searching expression. The Rebbe "Rashab" was fond of this melody and sang it often. During World-War I, he left his native city of Lubavitch and settled in (in southern Russia), where he resided until his passing in 5680 (1920). It is therefore known as the Rostover Nigun- melody.

The melody is usually sung before the Rebbe began his Torah or Chassidic discourses, therefore is know as the preparation nigun, or Nigun Hachono.  With Rosh Hashana less than 30 days away, we are amidst the days of preparation as well.  

Hope this melody gets your soul in the mood for the holidays.


To view the sheet music click for the nigun here


Posted on August 9, 2013 .