Student Leadership

Chabad Student Group Co-Chairs

Isabelle Harari


Isabelle (she/her/hers) is a senior Classics and Religion double major, hailing from New York City. She joined the Chabad Board at the end of spring semester her freshman year and has seen tremendous progress and growth in the Jewish community at Oberlin over the years.  In addition to brainstorming and programming Chabad events on campus, Isabelle loves to cook, dance, run, travel, and play with kids.  She hopes to move on to work in child advocacy after graduation, but is mostly in denial about her impending graduation.  If you have any questions about Chabad or Jewish life at Oberlin, Isabelle can be reached at her email,




  Cole Mantell

Cole Mantell

Cole (he/him/his) is a second-year, originally from Long Island, NY. Cole is planning to major in History, although every semester his mind changes. Cole joined the Chabad board at the end of Spring 2016 and is excited to give back to the Chabad and Jewish community in the coming years. Outside of Chabad, Cole is a Resident Assistant (RA) in South Hall and spends his free time reading, listening to music, and drinking slightly too much coffee. Cole’s future aspirations are rather unknown to the world at large, although most speculate that it will include too much coffee and lots of free time to spend reading, listening to music, and playing board games. Cole can easily be reached at his email, Feel free to reach out to him at any time, for any reason! 

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